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Founded in 1974, Pedrollo Spa is a market leader in the water supply sector worldwide. The combination of quality, technical innovation and value for money ensures that Pedrollo Pumps are the preferred supplier in the small to medium sized electrically drive pump market. Pedrollo is the industry innovator in its field due to the huge ongoing commitment to research and development. The unique features designed into each model based on the overwhelming passion for excellence in mechanical and electrical efficiencies, set the company apart from other manufacturers. The 60,000 sq meter manufacturing facility near Verona, Italy, features state of the art manufacturing technology and Quality Assurance systems which guarantee each unit produced is exactly as per specification.

A well planned, customer service network ensures that the Pedrollo water pump distribution points deliver nearly 2 million water pumps per year across 160 countries. In South Africa, our strategically located warehouse provides rapid delivery services to domestic, trade and distributor clients. Together with our logistical distribution road and air delivery partners, we strive to ensure that the quality of service is as high as the quality water pump product. Full Technical Specifications for each Pedrollo water pump model is available from the products catalogue page accessed from the button at the head of this page. Simply scroll down to the product you wish to have more detail on, click the picture and you will be presented with the technical specifications for that model, pump curve, dimensional data and the opportunity to purchase directly from the secure safe shop. Should you wish to discuss your requirements with one of our technical staff, please feel free to contact us by phone or email/fax. The contact numbers are accessed through the contact button at the head of this page.


Stuart Turner manufacture and supply an extensive range of shower pumps, whole house water pressure boosting pumps and pump solutions for low water pressure problems and waste water removal. Established in 1906, Stuart Turner's engineering excellence has earned it a market leading reputation both in the UK and internationally. When you choose a Stuart Turner pump you can be confident you are investing in a name you can trust to deliver quality, reliability, design innovation and industry-leading service.

Sidney Marmaduke Stuart Turner, born in 1868, started his engineering career around 1898 as the resident engineer in charge of the electric generators at Shiplake Court, approximately 2 miles outside Henley on Thames, and now Shiplake College. In his free time he designed, made and sold steam engines; advertising them through the newly formed Model Engineer & Electrician publication and indeed he became very successful. Our mission is to be the leading manufacturer of pump solutions used primarily in water related applications, growing our business by offering industry leading quality, design innovation and value for money with unprecedented customer service. We aspire to be a recognised leader in our markets, creating value for our shareholders, customers, trade partners and employees.

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